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Your guide to dealing with the electronic invoice system

. Registration in the system: Register in the electronic billing system by filling out the required form and submitting the required documents.

Electronic invoicing system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Saudi electronic invoice is a system used to register and issue electronic invoices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi e-invoice is regulated by the General Authority of Zakat and Tax, a government body affiliated with the Ministry of Finance.

Corporate taxes in Jordan

Companies in Jordan are subject to different taxes, according to the Jordanian tax law. These taxes include 1. Income tax: imposed on companies on their annual profits. The tax rate is determined according to the type and size of the company. 2. Sales tax: imposed on goods and services provided by companies in Jordan. This tax is collected from the final consumer. 3. Value-added tax: imposed on goods and services provided by companies in Jordan. Complete

Corporate taxes in the UAE

In the UAE, companies are taxed according to local laws and tax legislation. Tax rates and applicable laws vary between different emirates, as there is a unified tax system at the state level and a local tax system in each emirate.

Remote accounting management

Remote accounting management includes many services such as preparing financial statements, preparing financial reports, managing accounts receivable and payable, preparing tax returns, preparing financial performance reports, auditing, and managing salaries and salaries.



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