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An electronic invoice is a digital document used to record and document sales and purchase transactions between individuals or companies. The electronic invoice is a digital alternative to traditional invoices printed on paper. The electronic invoice is issued, sent, and received over the Internet, and contains information such as the name of the company or individual issuing the invoice, the name of the company or individual receiving the invoice, details of the products or services sold, prices, and taxes.

Here is a guide to dealing with the electronic invoice system:

. Registration in the system: Register in the electronic billing system by filling out the required form and submitting the required documents.

. Specify the type of invoice: Select the type of invoice you want to issue, whether it is a sales invoice, purchase invoice, or consumer invoice.

. Issuing the invoice: After determining the type of invoice, issue it through the electronic system, by filling in the required information such as the customer’s name, products or services provided, and prices.

. Signing the electronic invoice: Sign the electronic invoice using a valid electronic certificate, in order to ensure the validity and credibility of the invoice.

. Sending the invoice: After signing the invoice, send it to the customer via email or other methods available in the system.

. Follow up on invoices: Follow up on invoices issued and received in the electronic system, and ensure their integrity and payment on time.

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